Here is a list of The Hot Rats public perfomances for the current year. As more arrive we will update the list. All are free except where noted.

** Please note : here is the current list for 2023 and hopefully more can be added soon **

Mon 28th Aug - Hot Rats - Broadstairs Bandstand - 2.30pm
All the below gigs are subject to confirmation due to Ian's ongoing health issues
Sat 9th Sep - Hudson & Cutler - Wicker Fest - Fishtoft , Boston Lincs. - 7.30pm Contact Us for details
Sun 22nd Oct - Hudson & Cutler - Mind the Gap - Broadstairs - 3pm
Sat 4th Nov - Hot Rats - Theatre Les Insolites - St Georges Sur Laa France - 9pm
Fri 24th Nov - Hot Rats - Tartar Frigate - Broadstairs - 9pm
Fri 15th Dec - Hot Rats - Magnet - Broadstairs - 8pm